Initiatives for
the SDGs

Partners and Alumni Organization

Former instructors connecting together to support current instructors

In November 2018, we established a partners and alumni organization to build relationships with former part-time instructors. We have begun efforts to create a large-scale platform with the hope of maintaining positive relationships and heart-felt connections with instructors even after they leave.
As part of these efforts, we offer a business research support seminar for current instructors, where alumni give presentations on the sectors where they are working or take part in panel discussions to help current instructors play a more active role in society.
Going forward, we plan to continue providing opportunities for exchanges transcending sector and age group for alumni who are working toward their dreams in a variety of different fields. We hope to build mutually beneficial relationships through exchanges between the company and alumni, between alumni and current instructors and between alumni; in the process, providing a place for alumni to play an active role and support their efforts to find work that suits them. In addition, we will explore new possibilities, such as creating initiatives that resolve social issues through synergies from alumni gatherings.