About Us

Customized Individual Preparatory Schools: Tokyo Individualized Educational Institute and Kansai Individualized Educational Institute

  • Concept

    Customized Individualized Teaching

    In conventional teaching with groups of students, the learning materials and pace of instruction are uniform, while it is difficult to provide effective teaching suited to each individual student. That's why Tokyo Individualized Educational Institute provides an individualized instruction service tailored to the objectives, scholastic ability and personality of each student. With instruction filled with hospitality, combined with our meticulous private tutors and prep school data and knowledge, we have many students, from elementary to high school.

  • Instruction Policy

    We Foster in Children the Skills to Make It in the Future

    By building up experience with small successes, we foster in students the confidence that you can do it if you try and an eagerness to tackle challenges. That is our instruction policy. In addition to raising scholastic ability and helping students get into their first school of choice, we tell students about the joy of taking on a new challenge and the importance of having dreams, while fostering in them the skills to make it in the future.

  • Advantage #1 from TIEI Instruction

    Fully Individualized Teaching with No More than Two Students per Teacher Draws Out Maximum Learning Results

    Some schools that advocate individualized teaching actually have three or even five students with each teacher. We believe the best way to draw out maximum learning results is to give each teacher no more than two students to instruct. As soon as one of our students gets stuck, they don't have to speak up to get attention. The teacher will say something. Learning with us is effective thanks to our fully individualized teaching, with no more than two students per teacher.

  • Advantage #2 from TIEI Instruction

    Instruction by Teachers Designated to Perfectly Match Student Personalities

    We draw out motivation for study. Teachers carefully watch each student and offer steady guidance on how to reach their dreams and goals for the future. To make that happen, Tokyo Individualized Educational Institute uses a designated teacher system. By matching students with teachers who perfectly suit their personality, we notice every little change happening with our students.

The Advantages

A Pioneer in Personalized Instruction: Tokyo Individualized Educational Institute

  • 1. An Effective Learning System: The Small Step System

    Another advantage of Tokyo Individualized Educational Institute is the high customer satisfaction we get from improving our students' grades. The Small Step System, primarily geared toward public junior high school students, helps keep customer satisfaction high. The Small Step System is a teaching method that combines our knowledge of individualized instruction with Benesse's excellent learning content. We use progress assessment tests to carefully select what students need to learn. We then come up with original materials and curriculums for each student that are based on the pupil's situation in their regular lessons and their pace of learning. Using these tools, we can guarantee effective learning.
    In addition, we utilize voluminous entrance exam data to produce curriculums that help each student pass the entrance exams for their schools of choice. Students, guardians, heads of schools and teachers all work together to achieve student goals.

  • 2. High Instructor Quality and Teaching Skills

    Our teachers must pass a rigorous hiring exam. We also obligate them to take training to study philosophy and to take a course on practical teaching skills. Additionally, they go through regularly scheduled training after hiring. In addition to regional entrance exam strategies and academic paths, our various teaching training sessions include topics such as communication with guardians.

    Furthermore, we are proactive in holding events to honor our best teachers and we have a robust assessment system. Through these efforts, we are creating a setting that motivates teachers to instruct students and where teachers can find joy from being engaged in instruction.

  • 3. High Customer Satisfaction from Direct Management of Schools

    While many schools are run as franchises, Tokyo Individualized Educational Institute directly manages all schools. One advantage from our hands-on approach is that we can share information between schools smoothly and take comprehensive action of various sorts. Each school gets quick access to the latest local entrance exam information and data. We then use these resources for academic paths. Our exhaustive efforts to keep students safe and secure include our school arrival and departure email service and our disaster response measures.

7 Advantages to Direct School Management

  • Advantage1

    Independent Collection and Analysis of Entrance Exam Information for Individual Regions and Schools

    Since test content differs depending on which school's entrance exam a student wants to take, the student needs accurate guidance on his or her academic path in order to get accepted by the school.
    Since we have a thorough understanding of the entrance exam trends for each region and school, Tokyo Individualized Educational Institute can handle all the details involved in taking entrance exams from schools whose exam systems and test content may vary significantly. To gain admission to the school of choice, we offer each student an efficient, customized learning plan based on the student's level, past trends at the school of choice and other factors.

  • Advantage2

    School Arrival and Departure Email Service

    This service sends an email to guardians informing them when their child arrives at and leaves the school. Emails also provide notice about off-days and other such matters.

  • Advantage3

    Emergency Head Office Coordination System for Schools in Earthquakes and Blackouts

    In addition to a replete disaster response and evacuation manual, when an earthquake, sudden power outage or other such situation occurs, we utilize our emergency liaison system linking schools with the head office, along with our email system, to execute a rapid response.

  • Advantage4

    Fire Safety Managers at All Schools

    We assign fire safety managers to all schools. These personnel maintain constant awareness of the school environment, such as the installation of fire safety equipment and fire extinguisher maintenance. This system keeps everyone safe and secure because we are always ready to take appropriate action in an emergency.

  • Advantage5

    Customer Consultation Room: Consultations Outside Schools Available

    We have a Customer Consultation Room for discussing any questions or concerns in a setting that is removed from the student's regular school.

  • Advantage6


    Most schools are situated close to a train station. This makes it easy for guardians to drop off and pick up students. It also makes the commute for students safer.

  • Advantage7

    A Better Learning Environment

    To provide a better learning environment, Tokyo Individualized Educational Institute is opening, relocating and remodeling schools on a continuous and systematic basis.