Tokyo Individualized Educational
Institute's Performance

Tokyo Individualized Educational Institute's Performance

Thanks to the company's performance in FY 2019 (through February), we have achieved higher revenue and earnings, while the number of schools has risen to over 248.

  • Achieved Seven Straight Years Growth in Both Revenue and Earnings
  • Robust Success in Student Enrollment Numbers

Main Business Indicators

【Net Sales & Operating Income】

In FY 2019 (through February), the company achieved seven straight years of growth in both revenue and earnings. Net sales exceeded 20 billion yen, up 6.4% year on year. Operating income was up 5.9% year on year. Record highs were set for both net sales and operating income.

【Annual Net Income】

Net income for FY 2019 (through February) was up 10.7% over the previous year. This was our highest annual net income ever.

【Enrolled Students】

A steady instructor hiring and training program improves our teaching services and raises customer satisfaction. Meanwhile, a marketing media shift from TV commercials to online has contributed by boosting the number of inquiries and new members, leading to our highest student enrollment ever.

【Number of Schools】

We continue to open dominant schools with a goal of at least eight new schools a year. Bring our total of directly managed schools to 248 as of FY2019(through February).