Initiatives for
the SDGs

Health and Productivity Management

Creating dynamism with employees’ health and productivity

We practice a form of hospitality management where we deliver value through people-to-people connections. We believe that people’s dynamism is the driving source behind our business growth. We also recognize the important role that mental and physical health plays in maintaining a high degree of dynamism, generated by employees with the ability to fully contribute their skills over a sustained period of time.
Therefore, we have carried out initiatives in three areas to promote health management. These three areas are (1) informing employees with high risk levels for lifestyle-related or other diseases of detailed exams and providing assistance to receive various types of exams; (2) enhancing measures that can be used by the dependents of employees and facilities/measures that can be used by non-employees; and (3) hosting of a breast cancer seminar for women; (3) held seminars on colorectal cancer etc. to improve employee knowledge; (4) held a seminar to acquire healthy habits that incorporate diet and exercise; and (5) Seminar on health management according to the life stage of women.
In February 2020, we were certified as an “Excellent Enterprise of Health and Productivity Management 2020 (large enterprise category)” . Going forward, through initiatives to enhance employee health, we will continue to contribute to a workplace environment where employees can constantly increase their dynamism and work comfortably.