Initiatives for
the SDGs

Benesse Science Class STEM Programming Course

Expanding cognitive ability and contributing to a sustainable society

The Benesse Science Class STEM Programming Course held in Toyosu, Tokyo features SDGs-inspired programming that challenges children to find solutions to familiar social issues.
In one of the classes, a robot will be used as a disaster rescue robot through which students will evaluate the programming used to dispatch robots to disaster sites. Children will also present their ideas about the use of technologies during disasters that could occur in urban areas and for disaster risk reduction measures. The experience of thinking about links between social management and technology will challenge children to make unpredictable futures into sustainable societies.
The STEM Programming Course will promote three types of skills development; namely, problem resolution skills, collaboration skills, and programming-based analysis. Using curriculum focused on social issues, the goal of this programming is to promote interest in sustainability, develop partnerships for problem solving using teamwork, and foster future leaders who will pave the way for our future. 

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