Initiatives for
the SDGs


Providing growth opportunities for university students working as instructors

Tokyo Individualized Educational Institute has more than 10,000 instructors, around 85% of which are university students. Recognizing that people’s growth is the key to business growth and that the growth of university students will create a brighter tomorrow, we provide a number of growth opportunities for our instructors. A prime example is the Teacher’s Summit, a one-year program where instructors work in teams to plan classroom management using the PDCA cycle.
During the program, we host gatherings for sharing knowledge throughout Japan. These include the Kickoff Meeting, Midterm Briefing, and Final Briefing, as part of the annual cycle of activities. By learning together about the initiatives and solutions employed by other classrooms, each instructor is able to improve planning for their own classrooms. Instructors learn communication skills, independence, and leadership while on the job.
The skills they learn through the Teacher’s Summit will be put to use in their classrooms as well as stay with them as they graduate from university and become members of the workforce. Through the Teacher’s Summit, we help each and every university student instructor to gain the skills needed for tackling challenges and realizing their dreams, the skills for paving their own future, and the skills for dreaming big together with colleagues.