Initiatives for
the SDGs


Creating a venue for actively learning the skills needed in society

Recognizing that people’s growth is the key to business growth and that the growth of university students will create a brighter tomorrow, we provide a number of growth opportunities for our instructors. We hold the Teacher’s Summit Academy Leadership Program for instructors with the desire to actively learn the skills needed in society. The program features six sessions where participants learn together and acquire critical skills for thriving independently in society, such as leadership communication, back-casting, and coaching skills.
To provide even more instructors with growth opportunities, in fiscal 2018 we expanded the program to Kansai. As a result, roughly double the number of instructors were able to participate compared to fiscal 2017. Looking ahead, we plan to make continual improvements to the program so that even more instructors can achieve personal growth and acquire skills that they can utilize after becoming a member of the workforce.

Teacher’s Summit Academy Leadership Program participants: 122 (Greater Tokyo Metro Area: 91 / Kansai: 31) (fiscal 2018)

Teacher’s Summit Academy Leadership Program participants: 61 (Greater Tokyo Metro Area) (fiscal 2017)